Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Dorothy (or D.Q. to most people) Grey is a recent graduate of Emerald City University and a self stylized young, local, female, independent journalist, blogger and trouble finder.

She has a nose for a story and a bulldog determination. D.Q. isn't one to take no for an answer. Officially a freelance investigative reporter for the Associated Press D.Q. often does a lot of unofficial investigations as well. Her hobbies have run her afoul of local law enforcement on numerous occasions but she is usually let off with a warning.

D.Q. is also a bit of a self-professed danger magnet. Wherever she goes it seems that a story finds her... often standing directly in harms way.

D.Q., perhaps by nature or circumstance, is a private person with few friends with a dogged compulsion to discover the truth.

D.Q. secretly maintains the Ghost Sightings site under the pseudonym The Grey Ghost. Her Sightings are a popular underground conspiracy blog.

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