Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Session Four: Triple Threat

Last time on Vanguard for Victory it was press junket day for the Vanguard and, of course, everything went weirdly askew. Cross dimensional fighting champions known as the Truel appeared during the press junket and after a few brief fights were welcomed by our heroes. Meron, Kiichugo and Ringo brought with them warning that the cosmic entity known as the Monkey King has escaped his dimensional imprisonment and now threatens the entire multiverse. To make matters worse, the Zenkai, superhuman sensei from the lost first universe have abandoned the Battle Nexus they founded in favor of dimensional subjugation of other worlds. The Truel share that the Zenkai search for reincarnation of the Shakyamuni, the only mortal who has ever defeated the Monkey King and believe that Shota is the Shakyamuni. Ultima Saborosa and Doctor Robot accompanied Shota and Ringo to Emerald City Circuits for testing only to be betrayed by Ringo and transported into the Intraverse, a microscopically small universe that exists inside our own universe. Meanwhile Adela Karensdatter, investigated leads toward the mysterious Chamber by tracking down investigative journalist DQ Grey and retired man in black Somber Quinn. With only a week before Victory Day the team is fractured, confused and literally split from each other between transdimensional barriers.  

Unbeknownst to everyone a new villainous player is about to arrive in Emerald City. Can the Vanguard handle this new danger along with the betrayal of the Truel and with half their team stranded in a universe smaller than individual molecules?

There is only one way to find out.

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