Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gygek the Grey Emissary

The cosmic entity known as the Preserver of Balance, Gygek the Grey Emissary has watched silently over the development of the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Gygek is one of the last of the MonKai, a race of scientists from the lost First Universe and godlike figures to the Moonborn Ab-Originals. Only at times of great cosmic importance does Gygek choose to reveal itself. As you are now witnessing its presence, this must be one of those times.

Copernicus Oliver

Alone in an hidden underground chamber lies the withered worthless body of Copernicus Oliver, otherwise known as the Big Brain. The dimly lit vault is filled with a humming medical devices all centering around a containment tube holding the physical shell of easily the most powerful telepath on Earth. He has beckoned you here and you have answered. His mental projection, that of a larger than life face and brain hovers before you. He is clearly not as dead as previously believed.

Farside City

There is a technologically advanced colony on the dark side of the moon called Farside City. established by the MonKai Perservers thousands of years ago when they converted the saurian population of the planet Earth into beings with nearly identical genetics with that of the MonKai race. Hidden in this city are the descendants of the first human beings that call themselves the Ab-Originals. The Ab-Originals are also a proud, technologically advanced and xenophobic people. They control white furred beasts called Crater Apes and each member of the Ab-Originals possesses superhuman abilities derived from exposure to Perserver nanomachines they call the Silver Storm. Their current monarchs, King Mentac and his wife Queen Seline, are pompous royals that believe they lord over not only the moon but the Earth as well.


Maximilian Mars is actually an immortal multidimensional being and one of the creators of the Battlenexus. His true name is Trimash. He is one of the fourteen surviving ZenKai, immortal beings that existed in the first universe before it was shattered by the Collaspsar.

The Zenkai fought against the Collaspsar alongside the MonKai, who once served Collaspsar in its cosmic alignment as Celesteon. The uneasy alliance of the Zenkai and the MonKai ultimately weakened the Collaspsar the Devourer long enough to imprison it. Once imprisoned the ZenKai demanded that the cosmic being be destroyed but the MonKai argued that Collaspsar should be preserved until a way could be found to return it to its former self. Neither could persuade or overpower the other. At the dawn of the multiverse the MonKai Perservers stood guard over the Cradle of Lore, a pandimensional prison nebula created to contain Collaspsar. They focused on developing new technology and researching ancient ways to restore Celesteon. The ZenKai who retreated to the Nexus began training and testing warriors that might one day eventually kill the Collaspsar.

Like many of the ZenKai Trimash was assigned to subjugate a section of the multiverse. His first attempt was thwarted by the Emerald City Silver Age magician Dr. Spectre. After that defeat Trimash decided to fulfill his mission through trickery, not force. He adopted the persona of Maximillian Mars and began talking over the newly emerging computer and communication industries as well as reaching out to enemies of the heroes that fought him in the first place. Over time Trimash as Mars created the Chamber cabal and linked villainous allies across his assigned spectrum of dimensional spacetime. He even created the Encounter with Inverted Earth crossover as a test of his ultimate plan. Mars would conquer multiple Earths by simply linking them together dimensionally during a single globally witnessed event and then allow the Chamber’s Mind Control Field to subjugates trillions of people on hundreds of Earths. All he needed was a catalyst to televise.

His solution was the formation of a new superhero team powerful enough to capture the attention of the globe but dysfunctional enough to allow little resistance to his plan. Trimash underestimated the Vanguard and now has altered his plan. Instead of the formation of a super team Mars Communications’ Rose AI will broadcast the Tellax attack on Emerald City.

Session Eleven: Victory Day

A few weeks ago Mayor Talbot’s campaign promise of creating a super hero team in Emerald City began to take form. The Vanguard is to be led by reality T.V. bad boy android Doctor Robot, who has spent more time in parties than fighting crime. Joining him is the South American luchadora vigilante Ultima Saborosa. On the day they both moved into Victory Tower, a state of the art superhero headquarters provided by tech millionaire Maximillian Mars, two more superhuman appeared and quickly were recruited into the ranks of the fledgling team. The first was Shota, a gladiator from a pan-dimensional dojo known as the Battle Nexus. The second was a reformed art thief named Adela who was capable of teleportation and invisibility. They first act as a team was to stop the notorious super criminal known as the Commander, who had taken control of LAX in an attempt to covertly steal an artifact known as the Sarcophagus of Aphosis. A.E.G.I.S. agent Barricuda Ritchman took custody of the man in the Commander armor while Doctor Robot took the armor, the alien crystal that powered it and the artifact back to his private lab for study. Three more cross-dimensional gladiators (Kiishigo the kung-fu dinosaur, Meron the energy being sumo wrestler, and Ringo the techno-organic tai-chi master) arrived to warn Shota that they had learned of a plot to subjugate thousands of parallel Earths by the immortal ZenKai masters of the Battle Nexus in preparation for the coming of the cosmic threat of Collaspsar the Devourer. Doctor Robot’s lab was then destroyed by the terrorist organization S.C.A.L.E. who stole the armor, the artifact and kidnapped Kiishigo. Shortly after Maximillian Mars was fired by the Mayor and replaced by the international spy agency The Chessmen. During this same time Adela was also secretly contacted by the mysterious ghost like Superunknown, who warned her about the Chamber conspiracy and led her to find ex-secret agent Somber Quinn and teenage reporter D.Q. Gray. Those two had been uncovering a villainous plot that corresponds to Vanguard’s official debut during Victory Day. The Vanguard tracked S.C.A.L.E. to a deep sea tech think tank community known as Sea Floor City run by tech billionaire Tox Colvera. S.C.A.L.E. was attempting to activate the Sarcophagus and would have done so if Doctor Robot hadn’t teleported it into a volcano. S.C.A.L.E. was turned over to Barricuda Ritchman and A.E.G.I.S. and the Vanguard turned their focus to uncovering the Chamber. And uncover they did… learning that Emerald City was secretly controlled by a cabal of supervillains as a safe haven and night club for criminals from many parallel worlds. The entire city is blanketed by a Mind Control Field maintained by a supervillain known as the Big Brain. The vanguard defeated Alexander Gaspar, Grandmaster of the Chessmen and the Big Brain only to learn that S.C.A.L.E. had taken over the A.E.G.I.S. flying saucer. The Vanguard attacked the saucer, liberating it from S.C.A.L.E., but not before they succeeded in finally activating the Sarcophagus of Aphosis… turning it into the towering robot Tellax. Now Tellax is headed to Emerald City to begin converting humanity into lizard people and only the Vanguard can stop it. The time has come. It is...