Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Scion is a robot that vaguely looks like a skeletal version of the Commander armor. It glows with power. In it's chest rotates a diamond shaped crystal eerily similar to the one taken from that armor. If it is possible for a robot can look sullen and pissed off this one does.


He is a super intelligent ape fluent in the necromantic arts. Yeah. So that exists.


Snake-Eye is a minor supervillain often tied to the villainess Madame Joy. His real name is Tracy Sadler and he often acts as Madame Joy’s bodyguard. Before his accident with a experimental radioactive snake he was already a career criminal with a rap sheet a mile long. He has radioactive snake powers, can track with his tongue and his bite is venomous.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Welcome to the Chamber

Last time on Vanguard for Victory our heroes were celebrating a major win against the forces of S.C.A.L.E.! The Vanguard mounted a successful assault on Tox Colvera's underwater think tank community Sea Floor City that led to the imprisonment of the Tyrant Lizard, The SCALE Sovereign and Lagarto. Quick thinking by Doctor Robot also resulted in SCALE's doomsday weapon, the Sarcophagus of Aphosis (known to the extradimensional Zenkai as the Tellax Device), teleported deep into the heart of a tropical island volcano in the middle of the Pacific. The mission was not without losses however, Ringo and Adela were both seemingly atomized in a trap set by the Seditious Campaign for Advancing the Lemurian Empire.

   Once back in Emerald City the team had little time to mourn their fallen comrades as they were pressed to prepare for their next publicity opportunity, attending the funeral of the late Majestic20 secret agent and national hero, Somber Quinn. Once there they were confronted by two other members of the Majestic20 agency... former director John Parker Lincoln and current director Wendy Foaly. After a minor disagreement between Lincoln and Foaly the director drives them to the newest M20 Field Office, located across Malory Bay in the city of Bridgeport. There Director Foaly reveal to large surprises. First was the existence of a mysterious Mind Control Field that covers the entirety of Emerald City and their possession of a Stone Age artifact addressed to the Vanguard themselves. The Artifact itself revealed itself as a high tech device and a message from thousands of years before. 

The message explained that Adela and Ringo were sent back in time and that Ringo reconfigured herself into a cocoon capable of suspending Adela life until the Vanguard can find her in the present. The artifact led them to a Mars Communcations site that hid a secret cave containing a degraded empty sarcophagus, the alien gem that powered it for centuries, stolen years ago by Maximillian Mars. Suspiciously enough the same gem that up until recently powered the supersuit of The Commander. Although the cave and cocoon appeared empty there was an unseen presence there... The Super Unknown

The Super Unknown revealed herself to be none other Adela. This Adela led them to a hidden away hunting shack on the far side of Mount Forge where they were surprised to find Somber Quinn alive and well and also an ageless member of the Grue alien species that invaded Earth back in the 1950's. There they learned the truth about Adela, Somber Quinn and the Chamber. The Chamber is believed to be shadowy cabal of supervillains that have controlled Emerald City for many years, using the Mind Control Field to ensure that no superheroes survive inside the city for long. It is also revealed that the Chamber is behind the formation of Vanguard for Victory and that something terrible is planned to coincide with Victory Day, in only three days time.

But the Vanguard are not without options or plans. Doctor Robot has learned that his unfortunate existence makes him immune to the Chamber's Mind Control Field. Mayor Talbot has been rescued from Emerald City and replaced by the shape shifting Somber Quinn (who is also immune to the Mind Control Field). The Vanguard has learned of the existence of Majestic20's abandoned underground headquarters on Council Island from the 1970's once called the "Chamber". Could this bunker on the very edge of the Mind Control Field hold the secrets they seek? And what of Alexander Kaspar, the Grandmaster of the Chessmen? What is his connection to the Chamber and what secrets does he hold from within his control room atop Victory Tower

The Vanguard is close to the truth, but will they be ready?

Hope you survive the experience.