Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Dorothy (or D.Q. to most people) Grey is a recent graduate of Emerald City University and a self stylized young, local, female, independent journalist, blogger and trouble finder.

She has a nose for a story and a bulldog determination. D.Q. isn't one to take no for an answer. Officially a freelance investigative reporter for the Associated Press D.Q. often does a lot of unofficial investigations as well. Her hobbies have run her afoul of local law enforcement on numerous occasions but she is usually let off with a warning.

D.Q. is also a bit of a self-professed danger magnet. Wherever she goes it seems that a story finds her... often standing directly in harms way.

D.Q., perhaps by nature or circumstance, is a private person with few friends with a dogged compulsion to discover the truth.

D.Q. secretly maintains the Ghost Sightings site under the pseudonym The Grey Ghost. Her Sightings are a popular underground conspiracy blog.

The Monkey King

Legend says that all universes are connected through the Nexus, a spiritual waypoint located on every Earth in every Universe known to exist. The creator of the Nexus is Celesteon the Primal King. He has existed since before the very beginning of the Multiverse. He formed the Nexus as a wellspring and spiritual center when their was but just one Universe, the First Universe. Celesteon, or Hanuman as he is known now on some Earths, is a living manifestation of cosmic order. The being responsible for the movement of the Heavens. Celesteon, the other Primal Beings that serve the Heavens and his Preservers (a race of beings known to be the first species to develop intelligence in the First Universe) all exist as singular entities within the multiverse. It was a Human named Shakyamuni from the 1st Universe that questioned the Heavens and confused Hanuman. In his anger he became Collaspsar the Devourer, the chaotic Sun Wukong, a mockery of his former glory we now call the Monkey King. With the help of the Heavenly Primals Shakyamuni imprisoned Sun Wukong within the Cradle of Lore. Angered by his actions the Preservers of Celesteon laid waste to the 1st Universe, killing quadrillions of intelligent beings. Only a handful of humans, sheltered within the Nexus survived. They called themselves the ZenKai. Those survivors witnessed the Primals form the Multiverse, many Universes that reflected and evolved from the ruins of the first. In order to prepare the Multiverse for the day that the Devourer may escape his prison seeking revenge on all universes the Zenkai used the Nexus to find and train champions on every Earth. For thousands of years these champions have trained, honing their fighting skills with each other for the eventaul return of Sun Wukong. That time, has come. The Heavenly prison is empty. The Cradle of Lore has been rent asunder across all universes. The Devourer is free. Knowing this the ZenKai long abandoned the Nexus and now are forcibly subjugating Earths in order to avoid his vengeance. In their fear of the Monkey King's wrath they have lost confidence in the principles of the Nexus champions. They have abandoned the rules of martial contest in favor of domination, subjugation  and conquest. It is also whispered that They seek out the reincarnation of Shakyamuni, an orphan ZenKai said to exist somewhere in the Multiverse. They hope to recruit him or her or sacrifice them, the rumors are unclear. The Heavens remain silent. The Preservers have reluctantly pledged help but have done nothing. The ZenKai must be stopped before they kill every person on every Earth in order to find the lost ZenKai.

Which is why the Treul is here on this Earth.

Ringo believes that Shota may be the lost ZenKai.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Treul

Extra-dimensional fighting champions from Universes 17, 53 and 101 respectively; Kiichigo, Meron and Ringo collectively are known within the Battle Nexus as the Treul.

At one time each of these gladiatorial warriors represented their home dimension in battle against other Nexus combatants. That was before the coming of the Zenkai Shogunate. Each of these powerful alien warriors alone failed to defend their dimension from the merciless might of the Shogunate and in doing so was forced to abandon their version of Earth to the despotic rule of the Zenkai. Now, each of them are Ronin. Warriors without a home universe, forced to roam back and forth between dimensions until the time of the Monkey King's return.

Kiichigo the Quick Clawed originates from Universe 17, an elder Earth upon which dinosaurs evolved into the dominate humanoid species instead of primates. Kiichigo's speed and ruthlessness in battle is unparalleled, but his vanity and distaste for the proliferation of homo sapiens throughout the known universe is just as well known within the Nexus.

Meron the Ball Lightning comes from Universe 53, on a Earth subjected to different fundamental laws of physics then our own. As a result Meron is as much energy as he is physical matter. His control over electricity matches is almost exhaustible appetite. A master of sumo, Meron is loud, jovial and simpleminded. He lives to experience good food, strong drink and challenging battles.

Ringo, Ceramic Master of the Open Hand is a techno-organic entity from the 101st Universe. On that Earth all life arose out of evolving grey goo nanites. Organic life is unfamiliar to Ringo, she sees it as unnatural and artificial. A master of meditation and tai-chi Ringo is the most enlightened and level-headed of the Treul. Her calm leadership offsets her companion's often bombastic demeanors.

The Unknown

Alonzo Cheney was one of the original members of the Victory Squadron way back in the 1940s. A seemingly superhuman master of disguise Alonzo always kept his true identity and even his gender hidden throughout his time with the Squadron. During World War 2, the Unknown struck from the deepest of covers to defeat Axis agents and acquire their secrets. He has been presumed dead for nearly 40 years, but his fate (fittingly enough) remains unknown to this day. 

Ironically, this man of secrets is one of the team’s more famous members today, as he was outed as a bisexual after the war and is now honored by Emerald City’s gay community for his wartime service.

Is the man you met the real Unknown?

Tox Cofera

Tox Isaias Cofera (born July 26, 1981) is a Brazilian-born Mexican-American business magnate, engineer, inventor and investor. He gained international recognition and his first fortune as the founder, CEO and CTO of SubmersiveX, a marine salvage and exploration company. He is also co-founder, CEO and product architect of Redshift Energies, a pioneer research company in the field of zeropoint energy development and time travel. He is also chairman of SeafloorCity, (a planned communal think tank located somewhere on the ocean floor), co-chairman of RightAI (a legal defense fund for artificial intelligences), co-founder of Zap3 (a teleportation transportation system startup), and co-founder of UFunds (alternative merit based internet economy).

As of January 2016, he has an estimated net worth of US$12.4 billion, making him the 39th wealthiest person in the US.

The goals of his entrepreneurial endeavors revolve around his visions to change the world and humanity. His ultimate goals include reducing global warming through sustainable energy production and marine science education funding; as well as reducing the chance of human extinction by perfecting time travel and setting up a human colony on the ocean floor. These goals are being achieved with SeafloorCity, Redshift Energies and SubmersiveX respectively.

He is also a well celebrated eccentric who has an obsessive interest in herpetoculture, claims to have discovered Atlantis and in several interviews has been quoted as saying that humanity is doomed if it remains "rooted its current close-minded, celebrity obsessed, self-destructive mammalian mindthink" and "Why do we always look to the heavens for answers when 95% of our own world remains unexplored".

Session Two: Downtime

Welcome back, Intrepid Players! Gain 2 Power Points!

 Last time on Vanguard for Victory Ultima Saborosa, Shota, Adela Karensdatter and Doctor Robot flew off to Los Angeles to respond to an attack on LAX perpetrated by world class supervillain known only as the Commander

Adela arrived at LAX first and immediately engaged the Commander's Comm-Drones, prompting the supervillain to begin launching commerical airliners at the terminal. 

After a long brawl involving the interception of several runaway jetplanes Doctor Robot discovered what the Commander was really up to, sending his robotic Commandos to retrieve a bizarre piece of freight cargo from a hanger owned by Redshift Energies. Stopping the robots was no problem for Doctor Robot and it gave Beethoven enough time to pinpoint the Commander's exact location. 

The Vanguard converged on the villains location just as the Doctor delivered a precise blow to the mysterious glowing crystal that apparently was the source of all the Commander's abilities. 

The Vanguard had won the day, defeating a villain no superhero had ever managed to capture. Unfortunately that revealed that the identity of the villain as none other than Emerald City's own police commissioner, Alex Hackman.  

To make matters even stranger the cargo crate contained an equally if not more mysterious object, the Sarcophagus of Apophis, an ancient Egyptian style sarcophagus apparently containing nothing by complex circuitry and wiring.

The Vanguard for Victory now have some downtime before the official debut of the team in 12 days. How will they spend their time and what will they uncover?

There is only one way to find out!