Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bridge Crew

One Spooky Cart

One Spooky Cart is the regent of the AAS Compendium and the highest ranking monk on board..

The Mechinations

The Mechinations are a scourge of the galaxy. They are robotic creatures that travel the universe in clustered groups searching out sources of technology. They attack the source, converting it from its normal function into a drone of the Mechination. They then seek out a living conscious to upload in the drones, driving them crazy in the process.

There are four classes of Mechinations: Drones, Strippers that break down technology sources and hunt biologics, Assemblers that create drones and Converters that download consciousness.

It is believed that they were created by the Collapsar after it's escape from the Cradle of Knowledge.

Why Course

Why Course is a mystic Monk of the Lore Republic. He is the AAS Compendium's Second in command. He is followed by a smaller humanoid appearing to be of the same race in a different styled uniform. This is His novice. He introduces him as Willpower Compress.

The Lore Republic

A peaceful, orderly government spanning hundreds of worlds. In order to gain entry into the Republic the cultures present of a planet must agree to abandon their laws and belief systems in favor of the codes upheld by the Republic. Entire planetary cultures are assimilated and preserved in museums. The Lore Republic maintains a universal translation and information repository network accessible by any citizen within the confines of republic space. All industry and financial transactions are handled and administrated by the government. Citizens of the Republic chose a profession or calling that best fits their aptitude and work for personal satisfaction instead of profit. Lore Republic space surrounds our solar system, quarantining it as part of an ancient promise. 

Order is maintained by the Monks of Lore (commanding peacekeepers that rely of mystic abilities) and the Coordination (genetically identical soldiers grown for the defense of the Republic), two organizations that work together on starships that make up the Astrologic Armada. 

VfV Volume 2 Episode 1: Welcome to the Neighborhood

The Vanguard is in SPACE! The Vanguard team agreed to help the alien Preserver and apparent Moon God The Gray Emissary prepare Shota for the coming of the unstoppable Collapsar. Doctor Robot, the Super-Unknown, Ultimate Saborosa and Prince Scartax volunteered to collect seven cosmically powered crystals containing the essence of Chakramundi, Lord of the first Universe. Once gathered these crystals could return Shota to his full strength, allowing him to face off against the Collapsar directly. The Vanguard team was instantaneously teleported to the very edge of the solar system and given a container holding something that would help them find and recover the crystals from their resting places through the galaxy. Unfortunately the container turned out to be filled with Maximillian Mar's head, which just as unfortunately appeared to retain the ability to reason and speak despite no longer being attached to Max's body. Shortly after that unpleasant discovery all Hell broke loose. What was, moments before, the vast dark emptiness of space was immediately filled with broadcasts in billions of languages and millions of space mines that surrounded their lunar space vessel on all sides. Only Scartax's lightning reflexes and hot shot piloting skills got the ship through the mine field somewhat intact. In their retreat most the critical ship systems were damaged and taken off line just as a large star ship appeared off their bow. It identified itself as the AAS Compendium, flagship of the Lore Republic. Prince Scartax and Ultima Saborosa were converted into energy streams and transmitted off the ship leaving the undetectable Adela, Doctor Robot in all his non-organic glory and Max's head still aboard the crippled moon rocket as it is tractor beamed into the larger ship's hold. 

What happens next is anyone's guess...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gygek the Grey Emissary

The cosmic entity known as the Preserver of Balance, Gygek the Grey Emissary has watched silently over the development of the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Gygek is one of the last of the MonKai, a race of scientists from the lost First Universe and godlike figures to the Moonborn Ab-Originals. Only at times of great cosmic importance does Gygek choose to reveal itself. As you are now witnessing its presence, this must be one of those times.