Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Unifiers

 The Unifiers are a small portion of the population of occupied Gruen that continue to resist the punishment imposses upon the Grue by the Lore Republic. Unifiers secretly have maintained their shapeshifting and telepathic abilities, often posing as subdued drones to gather intel and carry out terrorist actions.

Occupied Gruen

The surface of Gruen is a depressing site. Everywhere you look are either Coordinated Agents of the Lore Republic or Grue fitted with metagenic muzzles meant to inhibit the Grue's natural shapeshifting abilities and their connect to their telepathic collective cells.

While everything is peaceful and orderly... it is maintained through the complete domination of a once proud race.

The Gruen Occupation Forces

 The Gruen Occupation is overseen from orbit . There hovers Punishment Station, a battle platform armed with a Tensor cannon large and powerful enough to convert and store entire planets.

Administrating this station is the Lore Reagent Monk Man Is It Windy and his second-in-command Retreatant Monk Any Kind of High Step.

Keeping the peace are thousands of elite Punishment Agents that employ suits that use the most advanced Transor technology available in the galaxy. They are capable of transitioning energy reserves stored in the suit into personal fight craft capable of atmospheric and short range stellar flight.


Following close behind is a giant whooping pink and lavender blur of fists. It is easily moving at the speed of sound and is on a collision course with the weird mass of scar tissue. It makes an even larger hole in the bulkhead and smashes through vendor stalls as if they were tissue paper. Believe it or not, you think it is laughing. It passes by you, smiles and shouts, "GREETINGS CITIZENS!!!!"


Huge reinforced blast doors retreat with the sound of grinding metal and squealing gears. An alarm immediately joins the cacophony. From the blackness beyond the doors a massive creature shifts and flops around making terrible fleshy slapping noises. Suddenly from out of the darkness a creature that appears to be made entirely out of inflamed scar tissue and inflected red flesh bursts out of the opening headed straight toward you. It excitedly repeats the same three words...




Issue 2.5: Invasion of the Earthors

Last time the Vanguard had started a riot on the lawless space station known as the Scragg. Split up and surrounded by alien pirates, murders and thieves our heroes eventually made it back to their ship, The Comet. That is when all cosmic weirdness broke out. The station was visited by the face of NORN, the Preserver of Fate who warned the group that they were destined to fulfill the Grey Emissary's task but that they were doomed to fail and that they maddeningly had the freewill needed to make their own destiny. No step closer to understanding the true nature of the universe the Vanguard said goodbye to the Argent Acrobat and traveled on to Freedom Halls, a massive space station and welcoming center for all free and peaceful races of the galaxy. There they plan to refuel, regroup and, in the case of Doctor Robot, redesign. Unbeknownst to our heroes fate appears to have more in store for them then their current plans may indicate. Tonight we pause for a very special episode of Victory for Vanguard...