Thursday, May 17, 2018


Somewhere off in the distance sirens begin blaring. The sky grows dim and then dark as if a sudden and terrible eclipse as occurred. Something immense is blotting out the sun. There is a voice comprised of explosions that set off sonic bombs that clear away the clouds over the capital city. What is revealed is horrifying and familiar. A metallic representation of the face of Maximillian Mars hundreds of miles across hangs looking down on the helpless metropolis.

It says, "I am here for the stones, you lizard skinned asshats. I know you have them. Resist and I will make your conversion hurt like Hell. Welcome to the very first day as one of me... the Maxination!"

The face then begins to fall apart into hundreds of thousands of humanoid machines plummeting to the surface of the planet... each one capable of destroying any inorganic matter it touches, feeding off any energy it encounters and removing the conscious essence from every living being it comes into contact with. No matter what happens next the planet of Lor-Var will never be the same again.

The Maxinations have arrived...

The Panglossian Colloquim

 The monks of Lore have always been administrated and guided by three of their wisest and most sensitive members. These monks are collectively known as the Panglossian Colloquim. Each one possessing a duty to those monks that fall within their preview of expertise. They live their long lives sequestered away in the Monastic Temple of Lore. It is said there are no greater telepaths in the known universe that the three members of the Colloquim. They use their connection to all beings within the Republic to augment their wisdom and judgement on matters that burden or threaten the piece of the great Republic.

Issue 2.8: An End to the Unknown?

Last time the Vanguard discovered the dormant body of the true princess of the Lore Republic who has been hidden away in suspended animation for decades by a cultish faction of the Grue known as the Arcanists of T-Rax. They quickly deduced that the leader of the Arcanists is masquerading as the Princess on the Republic homeworld of Lor-Varr, half a galaxy away from their current position deep under the surface of the planet Phuudj. Accessing long forgotten Preserver technology embedded into the temple of T-Rax the Super Unknown gained access to the Quantum System, an extra-dimensional membrane separating the infinite expanse of the multiverse.

Using the Q System Adela teleported the Vanguard and the rescued princess hundred of light years across the known galaxy to the floor of the Lore Republic's Senate. There they presented the true Princess to a collection of dumbfounded senators. Security forces quickly arrived under the command of an unusual Lore Monk encased in jet black armor known as Ridder Gron.

The Vanguard was taken to the royal palace while the senate debated the validity of this new princess' claim to the throne.There things quickly went the way tense moments tend to go when the Vanguard is involved. Space Wolf wooed the false princess into her bedchamber only to meet her Blackguard consort Karess. Scartax, Crown Prince of the Moon, and Somber Quinn were involved in a brief conflict that ended with Scartax impersonating Ridder Gron who was tensored by a quick triggered Somber Quinn. Scartax Ridder and Somber, pretending to be a royal guard, then saved their Space Knight friend from a love making session that had gone dark by converting Karess into Somber's tensor gun as well.

While this was going on Dr. Robot, Princess Lorik and the Super Unknown snuck inside the Monastic Temple of Lore, home of the telepahtic monks of Lore and the location of the central telepathic network. By accessing the network directly at its source the princess hopes to locate a resistance of rebellious republicans loyal to her original rule.

Little do our heroes know however that there clandestine actions on Lor-Var have not gone unnoticed. Villains are maneuvering in the shadows in an attempt to reverse their gains and claim the Chakramundi Stones present on the planet for themselves. To make matters worse they have their sights set on getting revenge on one member of the Vanguard in particular. Will tonight's session mean...   

Thursday, May 3, 2018


From behind the princess comes a sultry darkened form that emanates a deep purring noise. The room itself grows dim as light itself  flees from the approaching figure. It is a Blackguard, wielder of Shadow Band energy. This particular Blackguard is a feline alien from the planet Zultas. She is Karess, and she is the princess' personal consort and adviser.

Princess Lorik

Princess Lorik is the crowned sovereign of the entire Lor Republic, the largest and most advanced civilzation on this side of the Cradle of Lore. From her throne she governs trillions of sentient followers.

She may also be a shapeshifting Grue impostor in control of not one but two Chakramundi stones.

Ridder Gron

The Royal Guard part as a seven foot tall figure clothed in all black strides menacingly toward you. His breathing has a distinctive electronically amplified wheeze. Being near him you can feel a dull headache forming behind your eyes. This is Ridder Gron, the only living Sin Potentate of the Lore Republic. He is the keeper of the lore forbidden. Master of the subconscious mind. 

Lore Republic Royal Guard

You are surrounded by Lore Republic Coordination Agents and Polyphase Avatrons. They have trained glowing green tensor weapons in your direction.