Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Legions of the Khansouless

Erupting from the ground in scores numbering in the thousands are the Legions of Khan's Souless, animated corpses preserved in scorching plasma and sealed inside Imperium power armor.

The Star Khan

Issue 2.12 A Trip to Zultas

Last time on Vanguard for Victory our heroes celebrated diplomatic alien nuptials. But all was not champagne cordials and caviar dreams. The black hole created by the nefarious agents of  the Star Khan heralded the arrival of a planet threatening Black Body, otherwise known to our trusty Earthling champions as one of the immortal Zenkai. When the Zenkai named Zathura did emerge from event horizon Meheegan the Space Wolf and Karess the felinoid Black Guard sacrificed their lives to stall her. Only the combined ingenuity and talents of Doctor Robot, The Superunknown and Scartax, Crown Prince of the Moon allowed them to force the godlike alien back through the Black Hole to the Nexus of spacetime from whence she came. With that immediate cosmic threat contained the Vanguard turn their attention to the Southern end of the galaxy, where the dreaded Star Khan plots. Is it time for...

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Blackbody

Defying all laws of physics a humanoid figure wreathed in crackling ultraviolet cosmic energies emerges from the heart of the black hole. even in the vacuum of space you can hear her speak. "Finally," she hisses, "I am free!"

The Sister-in-law

Murmurs ring out throughout the reception. The crowd begins to turn to catch a glimpse of the identity of the latest wedding attendee. There in the throng of parting official guests stands Pteranodonna, Princess Lorik's long lost and extremely estranged low breed sister.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Issue 2.11 Out of the Black

We begin directly after the events of issue 2.10. 

The wedding between Dr. Robot (Liam Degrasse) and her royal highness Princess Lorik Nor has taken place. 

An attack on the Forbidden Zone perpetuated by the ghostly servants of the Star Khan has been thwarted by an impossible manipulation of a Black Hole by the groom and his best man, Scartax (Crown Prince of the Moon). 

With the wedding over, the political union between the Lor and the Earth solidified and a terrorist attack thwarted it is time for everyone to enjoy the most spectacular wedding reception the galaxy has ever seen. 

So why is everyone still so paranoid? 

Why is this space station's alarm still on high alert? 

Is it true that what remains of the Lore Republic fleet is being mobilized? 

What do these aliens know that our Vanguard heroes from Earth do not? 

Who or what do they fear is still coming…

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The King and Queen

The Princess' parents have arrived on the station. They are not travelling together. Her father, King Titanostar flew here without benefit of a spacecraft, because he is a Spaceknight and her mother arrived on a personal shuttle accompanied by a young male paramour at least half her age. She also appears to be drunk.