Thursday, September 20, 2018

The King and Queen

The Princess' parents have arrived on the station. They are not travelling together. Her father, King Titanostar flew here without benefit of a spacecraft, because he is a Spaceknight and her mother arrived on a personal shuttle accompanied by a young male paramour at least half her age. She also appears to be drunk.

Ghosts in the Minefield

As you return toward the boundary seperating your Solar System with the rest of the galaxy you see figures moving around, impossibly, among the space mines. They look like this.

A God calls

Hovering in front of you, radiating pure cosmic power is the God of the Ab-Originals, the Gray Emissary itself, the preserver of cosmic balance...Gygek.

Season 2, Issue 10 The Royal Wedding (A transitional bridge filler one shot)

When last we left the Vanguard they were trapped inside the monastic temple of Lor surrounded my evil tentacle cultists from Grue while high above the sky filled with billions of Maxination drones intent on consuming the entire planet of Lore Prime and every life form on it. To make matters worse Scartax was revealed to be one of Somber Quinn's evil twins hellbent on recovering the two Chakra Crystals the Vanguard had recovered. The other evil twin also finally revealed itself, it had been Adela's living supersuit the entire time. With two them members down and the sky literally falling on them it appeared to be an unwinnable situation. But Doctor Robot used his unparalleled ingenuity and managed to hack into the operating system of the Maxinations themselves, isolating Max's consciousness and forcing the drones to reboot themselves. Meanwhile Spacewolf chased down the evil Quinn clones, saved Adela, discovered the real Scartax and recovered the crystals. But the worst was not over. Even after hurling Max into the nearest star the now reformatted Mechanations were still on an unstoppable march to devour Lore Prime. The Vanguard threw a Hail Mary. Using the monastic psychic amplifier and her mystical connection to the Q system Adela teleported every living creature off the planet, sparing the lives of billions of Lor Republic citizens.

The Vanguard are now heroes on a cosmic scale and their immediate future looks bright. Earth is being considered for induction into the Lor Republic, the Forbidden Zone may soon be lifted, the Gruen species will be liberated and Doctor Robot is about to get married...

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Super Unknown Revealed

Adela screams in pain as the inside of her costume errupts in hundreds of hook like fangs, ripping at her flesh. The suit, normally a slick silken texture keyed to Adela's power signature is now something that resembles a thick tar like epidermis. It begins seeping into her ears, sinuses, nostrils and throat. Once porous the suit is now smothering and viscous. Adela is now blind, deaf and unable to draw anything into her lungs except the invading mass of thick fluid that was once her own supersuit. What is worse is the vision seen by those witnessing the conversion. The Super Unknown is now a monstrous entity writhing and pulsing over Adela convulsing tortured body. This is, as it has always been, the Metamorph Grue known as N-Quin. Its current mission, kill its host.

Somber Quinn revealed

The normally kind and quizative face of paranormal investigator and part time alien hero Somber Quinn twists itself into a rage filled grimace. Tiny hairs begin to sprout across its chin and upper lip. "I am not that traitor Somber Quinn" the figure spits with rancor "and I never have been. I am his evil twin... Y-Quin, tactical operation grue and your worst nightmare."

Coordination Agents Revealed

That's right... the coordinated agent clones are all secretly evil tentacle monster cultists.