Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dr. Lemuria, Super Genius

MEANWHILE... In the confines of the protected lab a long necked figure sits astride a floating mobility chair. This is Doctor Lexicon Lemuria, the saurian super genius who made the Confluence of Worlds possible with his impossible science expertise and his lack of qualms with experimenting with teenage test subjects. Next to him is one of those super powered teenagers once heralded as the Special Friends, Flare. As far as you can tell, he might be the last one left alive.


As you contain the threat of the Whammo-Zombie you become aware that many of the corpses drifting in space between you and what remains of Freedom Halls have been converted into the Star Khan's undead Khansouless Warriors. Leading this mine field of the undead is... Steve.

The Massacre of Freedom Halls

The massive space station, Freedom Halls, has been shredded to pieces. The space it once occupied is littered with debris and the corpses of the nine billion aliens from over eight hundred cultures who called Freedom Halls their home. The sheer scale of damage and the unthinkable loss of life is staggering to behold. Unfortunately the solemn moment is quickly shattered as a bubble gum purple and dirty lilac colored missile comes screaming in at high spread on a collision course for your rocket. It is the corpse of Whammoman, reanimated by the dark magics of the Star Khan.

The Conglomerated Sales Associates

Issue 2:15 Triple Threat 2

In the last issue of Vanguard for Victory our heroes traveled to Fight Planet to recover the orange Shakra Crystal that grants its owner the ability to assume the perfect form. Their arrive was met by the equally orange people of Internia, a feudal level society of fruit beings settled upon the ruins of a once vast and technologically advanced civilization. Getting no where with the leader of the Internians, King Randor, the Vanguard instead chose to negotiate with the Conglomerated promoters of  the Fight Planet gladiatorial contests. Through intense contract negotiations and blistering sit downs in mildly uncomfortable chairs Dr. Robot made a deal for the stone without needing to resort to the violence Fight Planet is historically known for. Instead, the Vanguard were treated as honored guests at the games. This allowed for a quiet moment of relaxation in their dire hunt for the stones needed to stop the Collapsar. Now in possession of four of the seven crystals there are only three remaining: Manipura, the yellow crystal of conversion, Ajna, the violet crystal of true understanding and the lost Mula-Dhara, the red crystal of transformation. That means we are gearing up for another...