Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Session Two: Downtime

Welcome back, Intrepid Players! Gain 2 Power Points!

 Last time on Vanguard for Victory Ultima Saborosa, Shota, Adela Karensdatter and Doctor Robot flew off to Los Angeles to respond to an attack on LAX perpetrated by world class supervillain known only as the Commander

Adela arrived at LAX first and immediately engaged the Commander's Comm-Drones, prompting the supervillain to begin launching commerical airliners at the terminal. 

After a long brawl involving the interception of several runaway jetplanes Doctor Robot discovered what the Commander was really up to, sending his robotic Commandos to retrieve a bizarre piece of freight cargo from a hanger owned by Redshift Energies. Stopping the robots was no problem for Doctor Robot and it gave Beethoven enough time to pinpoint the Commander's exact location. 

The Vanguard converged on the villains location just as the Doctor delivered a precise blow to the mysterious glowing crystal that apparently was the source of all the Commander's abilities. 

The Vanguard had won the day, defeating a villain no superhero had ever managed to capture. Unfortunately that revealed that the identity of the villain as none other than Emerald City's own police commissioner, Alex Hackman.  

To make matters even stranger the cargo crate contained an equally if not more mysterious object, the Sarcophagus of Apophis, an ancient Egyptian style sarcophagus apparently containing nothing by complex circuitry and wiring.

The Vanguard for Victory now have some downtime before the official debut of the team in 12 days. How will they spend their time and what will they uncover?

There is only one way to find out!

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