Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Carlsbad Skink

The man once named Carlsbad Skink is long dead. He body succumbed to liver poisoning, gout and late stage syphilis. In a desperate attempt to save his brilliant mind his memories and personality was digital encoded on experimental hard drives. The artificially intelligent robotic snake that calls itself the Tyrant Lizard is all that remains of the once mildly well respected and generally poorly reviewed science fiction writer, self-help guru, self styled cult messiah and terrorist organizer. Now he exists only to see rise to the new Lemurian Empire and the extinction of the entire human race.

The Big Brain

The Big Brain is the source of the Mind Control Field. It appears as a floating mental protection of a head dominated by a bulging, pulsating brain. It's voice vibrates in your skull.

The Core

For the past twenty years the immortal body of Robert "The Core" Young has been in a irreversible catatonic state after the wild Norm superhero overdosed on heroin. Despite his brain dead state his body refuses to die.

And now he is awake.

Brain Damage

Brain Damage

Last time on Vanguard for Victory our heroes initiated their counter strike against the Chamber! DQ Gray removed from the city and taken to the safety of the remote hunting cabin on Mount Forge. Her father, Somber Quinn, reentered the city posing as Mayor Talbot, who remained at the cabin feeding him instructions through the use of a Majestic20 communication device. Doctor Robot set to work at Emerald City Circuits, attempting to locate and neutralize the source of the mysterious Mind Control Field covering the city. 

While the rest of the team debated on the location of the Chamber A.E.G.I.S. Agent Barracuda Ritchson jet packed in to ask for assistance. The S.C.A.L.E. prisoners are willing to confess, but only to members of the Vanguard. Realizing that the impending threat of Victory Day was just to great the team sent Barracuda off empty handed, Promising that once they solved the mystery of the Chamber they would assist A.E.G.I.S. with S.C.A.L.E. With that Lt. Ritchson rocketed back to his flying saucer hovering over the Pacific Ocean.

. The Vanguard then decided to investigate the site of the old Majestic20 headquarters, hidden beneath the long abandoned Magic Hill Amusement Park. There they discovered a House of Horrors filled to the brim with advanced deathtraps made by the supervillain literally known as Deathtrap. They were clearly on the right path. After Shota disabled the defenses he, Adela and Doctor Robot descended into the depths of the derelict secret military facility. Using Doctor Robot's X-Ray vision they discovered a hidden room filled with teleporter pads of various designs arranged in front of a large vault door. As they moved toward the foreboding portal Shota couldn't shake the feeling that this place felt familiar. Inside the vault they found a small cell that housed another airlock like door at it's far end and numerous coats and capes. 

Entering the next antechamber they were welcomed by a large lizard like humanoid supervillain named Snakeeye. Instead of immediately attacking our heroes, Snakeeye welcomed them with enthusiasm, apparently pleased that Adela had recruited other members of the Vanguard into something called Project Endgame. Snakeeye then initiated a cross-dimension shift that transported them to... The Chamber, a night club that caters to supervillains from several different dimensions. There the heroes tried their best to fit in. Doctor Robot dropped his inhibitions and partied with supervillains happy to have him onboard. Shota saddled up to a bar run by a magical gorilla and ordered the best food he had eaten in weeks. Adela remained hidden observing the hundreds of villains enjoying the safety of the Chamber, her mind reeling at the implications of her connections to this conspiracy. During the Doctor's detour into debauchery he was confronted by a robot created in a vague likeness of the Commander's armor. Introducing itself as Scion, this robot appeared angered by the Doctor's presence here, referring to Liam as 'his father' before skulking off into the shadows of the club. Shota convinced Gorillapocalypse to let him talk to the cook, who recognized Shota immediately. The cook, named Dandan, is a member of the servant class of the extradimensional Battle Nexus. Dandan revealed that The Chamber was actually located within the Battle Nexus and was controlled by a member of the viscous Zenkai. Armed with that knowledge the Shota pulled the others out of the club, surprisingly without incident despite a few tense moments. 

There are only thirty hours left before Emerald City celebrates Victory Day.

With the truth behind The Chamber revealed what will the Vanguard do next? And how will the supervillains behind this conspiracy respond to the exposure of their secrets? Needless to say the next several hours will likely not go smoothly for our heroes. In fact, there is a very high likelyhood of...