Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Treul

Extra-dimensional fighting champions from Universes 17, 53 and 101 respectively; Kiichigo, Meron and Ringo collectively are known within the Battle Nexus as the Treul.

At one time each of these gladiatorial warriors represented their home dimension in battle against other Nexus combatants. That was before the coming of the Zenkai Shogunate. Each of these powerful alien warriors alone failed to defend their dimension from the merciless might of the Shogunate and in doing so was forced to abandon their version of Earth to the despotic rule of the Zenkai. Now, each of them are Ronin. Warriors without a home universe, forced to roam back and forth between dimensions until the time of the Monkey King's return.

Kiichigo the Quick Clawed originates from Universe 17, an elder Earth upon which dinosaurs evolved into the dominate humanoid species instead of primates. Kiichigo's speed and ruthlessness in battle is unparalleled, but his vanity and distaste for the proliferation of homo sapiens throughout the known universe is just as well known within the Nexus.

Meron the Ball Lightning comes from Universe 53, on a Earth subjected to different fundamental laws of physics then our own. As a result Meron is as much energy as he is physical matter. His control over electricity matches is almost exhaustible appetite. A master of sumo, Meron is loud, jovial and simpleminded. He lives to experience good food, strong drink and challenging battles.

Ringo, Ceramic Master of the Open Hand is a techno-organic entity from the 101st Universe. On that Earth all life arose out of evolving grey goo nanites. Organic life is unfamiliar to Ringo, she sees it as unnatural and artificial. A master of meditation and tai-chi Ringo is the most enlightened and level-headed of the Treul. Her calm leadership offsets her companion's often bombastic demeanors.

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