Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Planet LeGrasse

Among the multitudes of stellar bodies that drift through the Intraverse there are few more dangerous and foreboding as Planet Lagrasse. Lagrasse is currently in orbit around a minor star along with a pearllike planet and a living satellite that appears to be covered in planet sized a luchador type mask.

Once a haven for interplanetary scientific research Lagrasse suffered a major cataclysm that left it a ruined, seismically active shell of its former glory.

The landscape is a blasted Hell of jagged stone and rusted metal torn by fissures filled with rivers of ammonia and dotted with twisted iron trees covered in closed circuit cameras like cancerous growths.

In an instant the entire population of the planet was obliterated save for the last of the original ruling family, Princess AmanTal. She exists the last lone survivor, locked away deep within the fortress of Lord Acedia, ruler of Lagrasse.

The remains of the planet have been carved into seven wartorn regions, each dominated by a robotic warlord bent on the destruction of the others and obsessed with possessing the Princess. The current lord of Lagrasse is a loathsome and lazy dictator who is a destructively cruel as he is unambitious. Each warlord commands an army of zombie like automatons called Broken Shells.

In rebellion against the Lords of Lagrasse fights the RedKnight, a holographic champion locked in an eternal struggle to free the princess and banish the warlords as well as their armies.

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