Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vehicle: CAMPR

CAMPR is the unique transport vehicle prototype developed by Mars Tech on loan for use by the Vanguard for Victory. Originally designed for commercial space flight the CAMPR stands for Computer Assisted Multidirectional Personnel Rocket. The CAMPR's unique propulsion system allows it to silently maneuver in nearly any direction, hover and reach high altitude, suborbital heights and, theoretically, beyond. Nicknamed the 'Van' by Mars Tech owner Maximilian Mars the CAMPR is piloted by an advanced artificial intelligence also designed by Mars Tech known affectionately as 'Beethoven', but can be flown traditionally by anyone with specific training in the Transport skill. It is large enough to hold up to 30 passengers. The CAMPR is registered a test airplane by the FAA and must clear flights with local and international flight controllers. It is not outfitted with weapons of any kind.

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