Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Headquarters: Victory Tower

Victory Tower is a modern marvel of engineering constructed by the city to house and support the Vanguard. It is located in the Riverfront district downtown with an unobstructed view of both the Bay Bridge and the Red River Bridge.

It is comprised of three major sections. The ground level complex is a publicly run facility that houses the Victory Foundation administrative offices, a public relations department, a covered parking garage, a gift shop, a cafe and a museum dedicated to the history of superheroes in Emerald City.

The majority of the tower is comprised of a sculptural scaffolding system comprised of interlocking Vs that support the upper portion. These V shaped Pylons are also state of the art solar cell energy collectors, providing independent power to the entire complex.

Travel between the ground level and the upper section is made possible by a series of elevators built within the supporting V structures, maintenance stairwells and a short range teleporter.

Just below the top floors of the tower exists an enclosed viewing platform that is open to the public.

The entire upper portion of the tower is a private facility devoted to the daily operations of the Vanguard superhero team. Within it is a fully staffed command center, dormitories for heroes and support staff, a small detention facility, a VTOL landing pad, cafeteria, training facility and conference center.

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