Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Session One: Command of the Skies

Last time on Vanguard for Victory Ultima Saborosa and Doctor Robot were given a tour of the new Victory Tower complex only to seemingly be attacked two mysterious figures, a superstrong alien being from another dimension and a stealthy woman capable of both teleportation and invisibility. After a classic superhero brawl both are later identified as Shota and Adela Karensdatter, Vanguard applicants with rather unique interview styles. With the help of Major Talbot, Maximilian Mars and the Tower's resident AI Rosebud One three of the four new members of the Vanguard team got settled into their new headquarters while Doctor Robot flew off, wondering aloud how he got dragged into this mess. With three weeks before the official unveiling of the team all seemed to finally be quieting down... until alarm klaxons and red warning lights started going on inside the Tower and on Doctor Robot's cellphone.  

Los Angeles Airport, LAX, is under attack. The world class supervillain known only as the Commander has taken the entire airport hostage. The Vanguard is the closest team of superheroes.
Will they intervene and if they do, will they survive the experience?

There is only one way to find out.

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