Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Maximilian Mars is actually an immortal multidimensional being and one of the creators of the Battlenexus. His true name is Trimash. He is one of the fourteen surviving ZenKai, immortal beings that existed in the first universe before it was shattered by the Collaspsar.

The Zenkai fought against the Collaspsar alongside the MonKai, who once served Collaspsar in its cosmic alignment as Celesteon. The uneasy alliance of the Zenkai and the MonKai ultimately weakened the Collaspsar the Devourer long enough to imprison it. Once imprisoned the ZenKai demanded that the cosmic being be destroyed but the MonKai argued that Collaspsar should be preserved until a way could be found to return it to its former self. Neither could persuade or overpower the other. At the dawn of the multiverse the MonKai Perservers stood guard over the Cradle of Lore, a pandimensional prison nebula created to contain Collaspsar. They focused on developing new technology and researching ancient ways to restore Celesteon. The ZenKai who retreated to the Nexus began training and testing warriors that might one day eventually kill the Collaspsar.

Like many of the ZenKai Trimash was assigned to subjugate a section of the multiverse. His first attempt was thwarted by the Emerald City Silver Age magician Dr. Spectre. After that defeat Trimash decided to fulfill his mission through trickery, not force. He adopted the persona of Maximillian Mars and began talking over the newly emerging computer and communication industries as well as reaching out to enemies of the heroes that fought him in the first place. Over time Trimash as Mars created the Chamber cabal and linked villainous allies across his assigned spectrum of dimensional spacetime. He even created the Encounter with Inverted Earth crossover as a test of his ultimate plan. Mars would conquer multiple Earths by simply linking them together dimensionally during a single globally witnessed event and then allow the Chamber’s Mind Control Field to subjugates trillions of people on hundreds of Earths. All he needed was a catalyst to televise.

His solution was the formation of a new superhero team powerful enough to capture the attention of the globe but dysfunctional enough to allow little resistance to his plan. Trimash underestimated the Vanguard and now has altered his plan. Instead of the formation of a super team Mars Communications’ Rose AI will broadcast the Tellax attack on Emerald City.

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