Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Farside City

There is a technologically advanced colony on the dark side of the moon called Farside City. established by the MonKai Perservers thousands of years ago when they converted the saurian population of the planet Earth into beings with nearly identical genetics with that of the MonKai race. Hidden in this city are the descendants of the first human beings that call themselves the Ab-Originals. The Ab-Originals are also a proud, technologically advanced and xenophobic people. They control white furred beasts called Crater Apes and each member of the Ab-Originals possesses superhuman abilities derived from exposure to Perserver nanomachines they call the Silver Storm. Their current monarchs, King Mentac and his wife Queen Seline, are pompous royals that believe they lord over not only the moon but the Earth as well.

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