Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Somber Quinn

Somber Quinn was one of the most decorated and well respected agents to ever serve in the Majestic20 division. But before that he was one of the Thrillseekers from Outer Space. And before that he was just Squinn, a chameleon skinned defector of the alien race known as the Grue Unity. Squinn never fit in with his scheming Gruen brothers and sisters and was considered a reject and traitor as a result. Somber Quinn has been a resident of Emerald City for sixty year now and has loved every minute of his time on this planet. Well, almost every minute. Lately he has been consumed with uncovering the truth behind the conspiracy of the Chamber. Since his early retirement after the unfortunate death of the New Thrillseekers member Hiro Hosato he has dedicated his life to uncovering the truth behind the memory gaps, the mind control field, the lack of heroes and the unnatural peace that predominates this city. All of his research is leading up to one startling truth... the Chamber is planning something terrible to coincide with Victory Day. It is not too late to stop it.

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