Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Benji Carver

Forty years after becoming a counter-cultural icon, Benji Carver’s hair has grayed and dwindled to little more than his ponytail, and his tie-dye shirts now cover far more waistline. However, his ability to spellbind tourists with pleasingly chilling tall tales of the Undercity is undiminished, and he remains a city fixture.

Carver’s notorious Pack Rat Maze Tours provide him a comfortable living, allowing Carver to spend time on his charity work and political activism, focusing on the environment, social justice, and marijuana legalization. For an activist, Carver has remarkably few enemies, thanks mainly to his overriding good-natured charm. For any hero in need of information about Emerald City, the affable Carver is by far the most knowledgeable and approachable person available. In addition, Carver has made a lot of friends in all walks of life, from politics to entertainment, in the course of his activism. Benji Carver is always willing to help.

Unfortunately Benji Carver is also clearly insane...

...or is he.

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