Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mayor Amanda Talbot

Amanda Talbot never knew her real parents, as she was adopted at a young age by the industrialist Gerald Talbot and his wife Stephanie. Her early childhood was unremarkable and she achieved average grades in school. She was unaware that she wasn’t the Talbot’s natural daughter until she was 18 when her father was injured in an accident. After that close call, Gerald decided to tell her in case something
happened to him or his wife. The news shocked Amanda, and despite her adopted parents’ wishes, she left home and entered the Police Academy. 

Performing exceptionally well in her studies, Amanda graduated and began work as a police officer while studying law part-time. Though the demands on her time were grueling, Amanda not only excelled in her law studies, but rapidly climbed the ranks in the Police Department and made detective at the remarkably early age of 26.

Though she enjoyed her career, Amanda couldn’t help but feel that she could do more good for the city than she was in her current role. She returned to school and enrolled in a political science program with the intention of eventually running for the office of police commissioner. Obtaining her degree after five years, Amanda turned her eye to the Police Commissioner’s office and began to outline her campaign with her adopted father, with whom she’d reconciled, providing the initial funds. A successful advertising strategy, loyal campaigners, and her visible presence won Amanda the Police Commissioner’s office at the young age of 31. With her idealistic attitudes, bright personality, and fresh ideas, Amanda brought new life and dedication to the police force and instigated a number of programs that saw police officers enter elementary schools to provide education regarding the danger of strangers, drug and alcohol abuse, and superhuman encounter safety protocols.

With seven years of experience as Police Commissioner, Amanda felt she had done all she could in that position, and looked to climb further up the political ladder; she decided she could do her best work for the city as mayor. Her excellent results as Police Commissioner placed her in good stead, and in late 2006 Amanda won the position of mayor by a landslide.

A conscientious politician, Amanda has nothing but the good of the city in mind. She is a campaigner for city improvement, and has put the media to good use in bringing her ideas to the public’s attention. Her cheerfully smiling face and exuberant personality is a regular feature on many morning television programs as she happily answers questions regarding her designs and aims for the city and her administration.

Amanda Talbot is a statuesque woman in her early 50s. She prefers wearing sharp business jackets with matching pencil skirts which she accompanies with a light blouse to lend a feminine touch to what she feels may be too austere an image.

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