Monday, December 14, 2015

Welcome to Emerald City

(from the official website of The Honorable Amanda Talbot, Mayor of Emerald City)

WELCOME TO EMERALD CITY, City on the Red and White Rivers, City of the Three Hills... a city of everyday heroes. Emerald City is a thriving Pacific Northwest metropolis, a port city known as a home to hardy pioneers for well over a century and a half. The people of Emerald City need their pioneer spirit, too, since the city has also become the focus of world-changing events.

Emerald City has been called “The City of Victory” and it certainly seems like we are poised to win over the rest of the world. All you need to do to know that is look out across the Albian River towards our world famous waterfront: See the newly renamed Vanguard Tower? That’s is the headquarters of the city's new costumed protectors, the Vanguard for Victory! I know what you are going to say, a world class super hero team in Emerald City? But that is the old Emerald City. The new E.C. embraces superhumans! Heroes are here to stay!

And that isn't the only change to our city, you might not know the day-to-day Emerald City I know and love so much. From the bustling shop stalls of the Cannery and afternoons strolling along the Riverfront, to fine dining on Royal Hill or the exotic food and culture in Jadetown. From visiting the famous Yellow Brick Row, to cheering the E.C. Bulldogs on to a win at USNet Stadium. From the Southern Shore to the shores of Lake Valley or hiking in the Elysian Forest, Emerald City is a city of diversity, opportunity, and prosperity as well as destiny.

We haven’t always been—it has taken a lot of hard work to make Emerald City into the modern
metropolis it is today. From the earliest days of the city’s logging and mining industry, to its role
as a modern high-tech center for software, electronics, aviation and cutting edge super science advancements, Emerald City has grown and prospered through the work, hopes, and dreams of its people.

The same persevering pioneer spirit that settled three hills alongside the Albian River nearly two centuries ago is found here today. It is what allowed Emerald City to weather our encounter with Inverted Earth and what followed—not only weather it, but continue to thrive. It is this spirit that welcomes the Vanguard, men and women that have chosen to use their gifts for good and seek to help those still struggling throughout the globe. It’s that spirit of Victory that makes Emerald City the place it is today and what makes me proud to call it home.

So, whether you are here just for a brief visit or here to stay, let me be the first to welcome you
to “The City of Victory”! You may discover Emerald City has something special in store for you!

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