Monday, December 14, 2015

Before The Ages of Heroes

The mountains that surround what is now Emerald City have always been a source of mysteries and there has been strange sightings from as far back as the time of the Hekawi Indian tribe. Legends of serpent creatures, gemstones that grant mystical powers, beast people, forsaken figures from myth and legend all stretch out for centuries in the forests surrounding Mt. Stanley. The most well known of these remains:

• THE GIANT LUMBERJACK (Paul Bunyan): A Emerald City folklore legend said to have possessed great strength and the ability to grow to an immense size. It is believed his powers were granted during a rare winter of ‘blue snow’ in 1846 and that he spent many years fighting all manner of fearsome creatures all throughout the Northwest frontier. Paul reemerges in Emerald City many times, never having aged.

• BIGFOOT (name unknown): The legendary beast person that is half man and half ape existed in the region well before the coming of Western settlers. A great number of origin stories claim to explain its presence in the Atlas Mountains. It has been called an alien, a missing link, an unhuman monster and even a cosmic presence. While its truth remains unknown, sightings of the creature often correspond with times of great upheaval and challenge for Emerald City. What role it plays in these events remains a mystery.

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