Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Koschei the Deathless

The undisputed head of the Malakov crime syndicate that has beared his name for decades, Gregor Malakov long ago traded his humanity for power, becoming the superhuman crime boss called Koschei the Deathless and would gladly trade whatever remains of it for the ability to live forever, for that he would sacrifice anything or anyone.

Typically, while appearing to members of his organization or fellow criminals, Koschei wears a full, concealing hood of dark green, showing only
his glowing green eyes, with wristlength
leather gloves (to conceal his fingerprints) and a dark, tailor-madesuit.

Gregor’s legitimate business interests serve primarily as a means to launder Mafiya money by investing it in shipping, real estate, warehousing, contracting, and various other businesses.

Koschei has formidable psionic powers allowing him to read thoughts and memories, project illusions, and strike foes with powerful mental blasts. He can also exert mental influence over the minds of others, even to the point of editing their memories. Koschei’s powers make his position as mob-boss almost unassailable, since he knows every disloyal thought and can deal with any plot against him before it happens. Koschei also possesses a degree of mind-overmatter, somatically controlling his body to resist aging and shrug off some harmful effects while healing quickly from any injury.

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