Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Session Six: Small SCALE War

Last time on Vanguard for Victory our heroes were picking up the pieces left in the wake of the Triple Threat attack by Ringo, the Intraverse and The forces of SCALE. Surprisingly the personal adversities suffered by each individual only served to strengthen the team. Finally working together and sharing vital information the Vanguard rallied around their leader as he made demands of the mayor that changes be made to daily team operations. Siding with her choice for team leader Mayor Talbot quickly fired Maximillian Mars and took steps to remove all presence of all Mars Tech technology from Victory Tower. That didn't go over well and Max left the team cursing Doctor Robot's name. 

Quickly working to recover the items stolen from the ruins of Doctor Robot's lab the team tracked the Sarcophagus of Apophis to the middle of the ocean with help remotely from new their security coordinator Alexander Kaspar, grandmaster of the small spy organization The Chessmen and Barricuda Ritchson in his borrowed AEGIS flying shield carrier. Headed toward the deep sea coordinates the team learned about the existence of the Chamber conspiracy from Adela, the true identity of the global drug kingpin known as Lagarto by Ultima and that Ringo is totally open to some horizontal sparring with Shota. 

Once they arrived the team descended to an abandoned SCALE bunker on the ocean floor just in time to stop the cackling mad Tyrant Lizard from channeling megawatts of energy into the sarcophagus. They would have retrieved the sarcophagus too, except it was teleported away at the last moment by means unknown. Their only lead now is in Seafloor City, an experimental underwater think tank community of cutting edge scientists lead by billionaire eccentric Tox Cofera. Since Seafloor City is considered its own sovereign nation AEGIS can not assist them in infiltrating it, even though it very well might be the secret headquarters for the terrorist organization known as SCALE, the Seditious Campaign for Advancing the Lemurian Empire

With only four days remaining before Victory Day can the team succeed in penetrate the secrets of Seafloor City, recover the stolen sarcophagus and stop the forces of SCALE from executing their nefarious plans in time to return in Emerald City to attend the funeral of murdered local hero and retired Majestic 20 agent Somber Quinn?  

Or will the world descend into...

There is only one way to find out.

Everyone gain 2 Points.

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