Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Villains and Vigilantes

In 1983 then US President Franklin Moore passed a key piece of legislation during his presidency, the Moore Act. This new law made several key changes to how the federal government defined superpowers. Overnight costumed superheroics were outlawed and active costumed heroes were required to register for military service to help fight the Communist super threat. Many heroes obeyed the law, becoming soldiers for the US Government. Others defied the Moore administration by becoming vigilantes or hanging up their masks and capes and returning to normal life. This period was marked by an increasing domestic threat from super villains and a darker time for the nation as a whole. Ultimately, the Moore Act proved only to make heroes into killers and empower villains. With the coming of Glasnost the entire country was relieved to see the Moore Act repealed and the return of true heroes. The Moore Act had little impact on Emerald City. Almost all of the Fasinating Folkheroes had ‘retired’ by the time the law was adopted and the few that hadn’t weren't the military or vigilante types anyway. During this time Emerald City was protected by the following heroes:

THE NIGHTWATCHMAN II (identity unknown): Unlike his Golden Age namesake this Nightwatchman was a lethal vigilante that focused primarily on street crime riding his one of a kind rocket cycle. Most of his career was spent fighting the Blood Brothers gang and the Manetti crime family. In 1987 his costumed was found in an alley below a spray painted message that read “Nightwatchman no more”. This incarnation of the Nightmatchman, whoever they were, was never seen in Emerald City again.

Majestic-20 is a covert organization that originated during the Red Scare as a clandestine tool of the United States to safeguard the country against alien invasion and dimensional incursions. In the late Seventies it was revealed to the public that this previously unknown agency was operating domestically, keeping tabs on anyone suspected of being of alien or extra dimensional origin. The Moore administration revealed that Emerald City was the location for Majestic 20’s headquarters and that the US government consider the region as a nexus point for alien and extra-dimensional events. The 1980's saw a rise in the number of men in black and unmarked helicopter sightings in and around the city. Majestic 20 still exists to this day, waging a silent war against the cryptids in the Atlas Mountains and monitoring the population for the presence of alien manipulation. Notable members of Majestic 20 still active today are:   

• CAPTAIN LINCOLN: USAF Captain John Parker Lincoln was tapped to lead the new organization and
prepare them for the task of defending the United States (and Earth) from extraterrestrials by Harry Truman in 1957. Alien DNA treatments have extended Lincoln’s lifespan so that he only ages 1 year for every 5 that pass normally. Although the director of Majestic 20 for decades Captain Lincoln is not above going out in the field or enlisting the help of superhumans to fight alien threats.. Today Majestic 20 is led by a new director but Captain Lincoln remains directly connected to the secretive agency.

• QUIN AND FOALY (Agent Somber Quin and Agent Wendy Foaly): Quin and Foaly are the senior field agents stationed in Emerald City. Since the public learned of the existence of Majestic 20 the pair have been seen as the figureheads of the agency’s efforts. Quin is a dedicated investigator in weirdness who is obsessed with trivia and media portrayals of aliens and extra dimensional entities. Foaly is more of stone faced peacekeeper, more concerned with the danger poised by such invaders than learning about them. The Majestic 20 of today is led by Director Foaly while Quin has retired from government service, contributing often to the popular Ghost Sighting blog.

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