Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Platinum Age

After the encounter with Inverted Earth, the citizens of Emerald City faced a hard truth. The city has long prided itself on its absence of superheroes, but had it not been for the selfless heroes of Emerald City inverted twin metropolis both worlds would have been destroyed. Moving forward something had to change. Enter new mayor Amanda Talbot and local tech billionaire Maximilian Mars. Together they proposed a radical new direction for the city, one that involved a global response super team backed by Mars’ Vanguard Foundation and supported directly by the city government. Now Emerald City would join Freedom City in open support of superheroes. In this new millennium corporate heroes no longer sucked. The formation of the first traditional costumed hero squad Emerald City has experienced since the Golden Age Victory Squadron was Mayor Talbot’s first act in office. Partnering with tech mogul Maximilian Mars the City created the Vanguard for Victory, a global peacekeeping superhero team based out of Emerald Tower in downtown Emerald City. Emerald City now had its first mainstream super team since the Forties. Comparisons between this new protectorate and the Squadron of old is no coincidence. Hoping to create a new heroic face for a new age Mayor Talbot drew direct inspiration from the original Victory Squadron.

This is where you come in. You play a member of the Vanguard. The group has just been formed and there is an expectation for it to quickly make a name for itself globally. It is supported financially by a charitable foundation formed by Maximilian Mars, founder of local industry giant Marstech. The Vanguard helps protect the globe, primarily threats to the western half of North America, Australia, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. It is important to the current local government that their home team field members that draw inspiration from Emerald City’s past superheroes. Regardless of your identity I want you to think big. The Vanguard are Avengers level heroes. While the world sees Freedom City’s Freedom Legal as the premiere superhero team in the world Major Talbot wants to give them a run for their money.

Free free to use any of the heroes touched upon in previous ages as an inspiration for your hero or make up your own hero new to Emerald City. Maybe you are the next incarnation of one of the original Victory Squadron, maybe even the third Nightwatchman, leader of the original team. Maybe you are an alien recently released from one of the Grue containment canisters left behind by the Thrillseekers from Outerspace. You could be the Silver Age Doctor Spectre II, recently returned from exile in the outer dimensions. Perhaps you have discovered Christian Novoscotia’s long lost Viridian necklace and use it to become a new Captain Nevermind. You could even be a lesser known member of the Peak from Inverted Earth who decided to remain on this Earth instead of returning home.

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