Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Encounter with Inverted Earth

In 2001 the fate of two entire worlds were threatened when a dimensional shift caused the world to be enveloped by a upside down and inside out mirror landscape that would quickly be known as Inverted Earth. On Inverted Earth everything was the opposite. Up was down, in was out and good was evil. The Freedom League was attacked by their supervillainous doppelgangers in the form of the Fascist Confederation and the peacekeeping agency AEGIS was beset by the destabilizing forces of PERIL. The forces were impossibly matched, neither heroes nor villains capable of gaining the upper hand. Worst still the two worlds were slowly approaching each other. With the threat of collision imminent salvation came from the most unlikely of places. Heroes unlike any seen before flew from Ruby City, the inverted version of Emerald City and gave the Freedom League the edge they needed to defeat the Fascist Confederation and reverse the destruction of both worlds. The Ruby City heroes were:

The inverted version of Emerald City was the last bastion for superheroes on their world. The called themselves the Peak, a desperate rebellion of heroism in a world subjugated by the supervillains of the Fascist Confederation. It took the impending eradication of both worlds for them to risk exposing themselves. With the Encounter with Inverted Earth over, the heroes of the Peak return to a world of supervillains fixated on their defeat. The superheroes that make up the Peak are:

• THE BODY BUILDER (Copernicus Oliver): This Copernicus Oliver was considered the one of the strongest men on Inverted Earth even before using alien technology to enhance his physique to impossible levels back in the 1950s. Unlike Emerald City’s Oliver The Body Builder always strived to be honest and selfless. He survived PERIL’s purge of superheroes through sheer physical determination. When Inverted Earth disappeared the Body Builder returned to it with renewed hope in his mission to defeat the Fascist Confederation.

• PLAYER ONE (Vassily Dragovich): Before the Fascist Confederation succeeded in conquering Inverted Earth Vassily was the head of Inverted Russia’s intelligence agency. Then PERIL released a toxin designed to eliminate human heads of state. Only Vassily survived, gifted with regenerative abilities instead. Gathering the world’s remaining heroic resources he created a secret spy organization to spread aid and support the Inverted Earth’s surviving superheroes. Although his forces took many casualties averting the collisions of the two worlds Vassily returned to Inverted Earth with renewed purpose and knowledge of a world full of potential heroic allies.

• THE PUBLIC SERVANT (unknown): The mysterious armored hero from Ruby City was the archnemesis of the evil Lightning Leader, the Inverted Earth’s version of Captain Thunder. This led many to conclude that the Public Servant is actually the inverted version of the notorious Freedom City supervillain, the Commander. It was the noble sacrifice of the Public Servant that saved both worlds from collision.

• BONAFIDE (Krist Werner): A local Ruby City mental patent who was captured by the Abnorm movement and experimented on by Canadian superscientist Professor Zed to grant him superpowers. The results were successful but cured Krist’s insanity. Krist was also now able to replace his own form with that of an idealized extra dimensional version of any superhuman he shared the same vicinity with. Krist defied the Abnorms by using his powers to humiliate other villains. Eventually he joined the Peak in assisting our heroes but it is unknown what became of him after the disappearance of Inverted Earth.

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